Friday, February 7, 2020

The Servant of the Lord (Sermon January 12, 2020)

Going Deeper

by Pat Russell

“The Servant of the Lord”-- Isaiah 42:1-9

Pastor Bruce Spear

Pastor Bruce emphasized the truth that “…a bruised reed (the Lord) will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench…” (Isaiah 43:3a).  The woman caught in adultery was a bruised reed when she was brought before Jesus by the Pharisees.  This week take some time to picture Jesus as he encountered this woman.  Read John 8:1-11.  Enter the story; become a person in this story. 

I have included questions that might lead you more fully into what you read.  This exercise is about using your imagination to be right there with Jesus. When we enter an account in the Bible, our minds and feelings can become more aware of what the Lord is saying to us. Read the story once very slowly.  Then read through these questions.  Read the story again and let the Lord take you into His presence. 

Here are questions to encourage your meditation:

Where are you standing? In the shadows, with the Pharisees, beside Jesus, beside the woman, with the disciples, somewhere else?

What does Jesus’ face look like when the Pharisees tell their story about this woman?

What do the people around you do or say?  What do you think about this woman?

How do you react when Jesus bends down and writes with his finger on the ground? What do you feel and think when Jesus finally says something?
Look into his face when he speaks to the woman.  What do you see in his eyes? What do you hear in his tone of voice?

As you walk away, what will you take with you?


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