Sunday, February 9, 2020

Holy Seed (Sermon February 9, 2020)

Going Deeper
By Pat Russell

"Holy Seed" – Isaiah 6
Sermon by Pat Russell

This week take time to read this passage again.  Read it slowly and let your mind go with Isaiah to this very holy place.  See the Lord, his eyes, his robe.  See the seraphim and the smoke filling the house.  Hear them singing, hear the doorposts and thresholds shake.  Sit in this place.

Now, what do you say to the Lord?
What happens to you?
What might he be saying to you?
Does he have something for you to be or do?

Be still and listen.

Consider how you have been a burned stump.

Consider how Jesus is the holy seed in you.

Write a prayer of worship, like the seraphim.
Sing the song, “Holy, Holy, Holy.

Additional Scripture from the sermon:
Psalm 103:11-14
Matthew 13:9-16
Isaiah 43:19
Isaiah 11:12
Romans 8:32

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