Monday, February 3, 2020

Conversion (Sermon November 3, 2019)

Going Deeper

By Pat Russell

Luke 19:1-10, “Conversion”

These are questions that might encourage you to think about how God wants to speak to you through Pastor Bruce’s sermon. Take one or two of the questions and spend time thinking and praying. Don’t hurry. You may want to write out your thoughts.

Why is a rich man (Zacchaeus) entering the Kingdom of God just as much a miracle as a
lame man being healed? Pastor Bruce talked about Jesus saying that a rich man
entering the Kingdom is like a camel going through an eye of the needle. Ask yourself,
“Is there any way I am like a camel trying to go through an eye of a needle?”

Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus, very undignified for a rich tax collector. Is there
anything that you would do to “see” Jesus that might look undignified to the world
around you? Are you hesitating to do it? Why?

Zacchaeus was at a crossroads in his life when Jesus visited his home. Where might you
be at a crossroads that will change your direction in life? What is Jesus saying to you
about that?

Imagine Zacchaeus meeting Levi (Matthew). What are the circumstances that bring
them together? Where do they meet? What does Zacchaeus ask of Levi? How does
Levi respond? We don’t know that they met but if they did what went on?

Jesus did something VERY unexpected when he invited himself to Zacchaeus house.
What unexpected part has Jesus played in your life? How did you respond? How did
you feel about what he did?

Of the three gifts from this sermon that Pastor Bruce mentioned, which spoke to you
the most? Why? 

1. Zacchaeus’ intense desire to Jesus.
2. Referring to Zacchaeus’ giving half his possessions to the poor
and paying back the people he cheated, illustrates “faith without
works is dead.” Faith and obedience go together.
3. This is a story filled with joy.

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