Friday, February 7, 2020

Advent: Holy Infusion (Sermon December 15, 2019)

Going Deeper
by Pat Russell

 Advent:  Holy Infusion” Luke 1:39-56 

Joel Adams, guest minister

To begin his sermon, Joel made the point that during Advent we have an opportunity to see God in a new way. Then Joel asked us this question:  How do we become more aware of the infusion of God during this Advent season?

Think about that word “infusion.” Look it up in your dictionary.  Contemplate what it means for God to “infuse” your life.
Take time to read the scripture passage again.  This story of Mary impressed Joel in two ways:
1.     In the commonness of the people involved and their life situations. What is common to you in this story? 
2.     In the “wildness” of things that happened.  What would you say is “wild” or out of the ordinary in this story?

Where have you experienced God breaking into your ordinary life in the past week, in the past month?  He might not have sent an angel to speak to you but in some way He made himself known to you -- that He was aware of you, that He showed you something beautiful and holy, that He comforted you, that He gave a gift you were not expecting, that you experienced Love.  How has that experience changed your view of God?

When Joel told the story about the gathering of pastors from various cultures, especially about the pastor whose wife died in another country and he could not go back to bury her, the sanctuary became very quiet.  Did you notice?  Why do you think that happened? Could this have been God breaking into our gathering?  What might He have wanted to say to us, to you?  Something to think about….

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