Monday, April 6, 2020

Palm Sunday (Online Sermon April 5, 2020)

By Pat Russell

Following up on Sermon by Pastor Bruce Spear
Scripture – Isaiah 53:1-6

This past Sunday was a very unusual but meaningful way for our community to partake in Holy Communion.  Take a minute and think about how you experienced that “gathering” around the Table of Jesus’ suffering.  What are your memories of that experience?  How did you feel as you shared communion with Pastor Bruce?  What were your thoughts about all of us taking communion at different times that day?  Did you remember that all over the world followers of Christ were probably partaking in communion the same way?  What did that fact say to your heart in these days?

I invite you to listen to the sermon again, only this time with pen and paper in hand.  As you listen, write down words, phrases or thoughts that stand out to you.  Then take some time to meditate on those words.  Hold those words up to your heavenly Father for more insight from him.

If you cannot take that time (but seriously, think about the time issue in your life right now), you can make use of the words and phrases that stood out to me.  I won’t tell you why or what my thoughts and prayers are, but this list may be of help to you.

“Communion of Empty Hands.”
No bread – hunger of all.
No wine – new covenant for all.
Jesus is present wherever we may be.
Friend and Savior of suffering.
Despised identity – blind, leper, unclean.
Takes on our pain.
Cross did away.
A mighty fortress – plague.
What can separate us?
God has set the table of Jesus before us.

My friends, He speaks to each one of us as needed. 
Blessings THIS day,

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