Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Youth Mission Trip "Awesome"

Nine Young People Take to Streets in Denver Inner City 

Early on Monday, July 6, nine members of The Youth Group packed into a rented van* and headed to downtown Denver.

Working through the Center for Student Missions (, a group that has been putting young people to work in the inner city for many years, the mission began with a prayer tour of the city. At each stop -- Joshua Station, Wash Park, Denver Rescue Mission, Five Points, etc. -- the kids took turns praying for homeless people, runaway teens, women in crisis and the various ministries supporting these groups. 

The remainder of the first day they spent packing pallets of donated items at World Vision, meeting and socializing with seniors at the Senior Support Services facility, dining at a Peruvian restaurant, and finally bedding down at Corona Presbyterian Church.

Tuesday was a packed day, too, beginning at the Boys and Girls Club at Gilpin Elementary School, engaging with the children. In the afternoon, the group split into teams. Each team was given $8 and sent out to meet people on Colfax Avenue. The assignment: "meet a need." This was not about handing out money. They had to engage in meaningful conversation, discern a real need vs. a need for alcohol and drugs, then find a way to meet that need.

According to Tom and Polly Olmos, the adult supervisors on the trip, it was a real challenge. "The kids were amazing," said Tom who is director of youth ministries at Elizabeth Presbyterian Church. "The really connected with all the people we met." 

The kids will be telling their stories soon at each of their home churches. So stay tuned!

* If you know of a van that might be available for The Youth Group to use, please contact